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Central Union Baptist Church was organized in 1925 in a house on Deane Ave (presently known as Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave) near 
Fiftieth Street, N.E. by the late Rev. George Paige and a few faithful believers in Christ. They later moved to an edifice on Castle place
near Deane Avenue and eventually in the library building on the campus of the National Trade and Professional School for Women
and Girls at Fiftieth and Grant Streets, N.E. Washington, DC.

Rev. Lloyd Young became the second Pastor of CUBC and nurtured the church in the grace of God until he was called to other ministry
work. The late Rev. E.T. Broadus succeeded Rev. Young as CUBC'S third Pastor.

In 1938 the congregation purchased the real estate at 4401 Foote St. N.E. Meetings were held in a tool shed while the construction
project began. Rev. Broadus' health began to fail until his retirement from the pastorate. Naturally, the construction halted and the
church was challenged without the presence of their leader.

In March 1944, the church called their fourth Pastor, the late Rev. H. Talmadge Dean. In the same year the construction was completed
and the church experienced tremendous growth. Under Rev. Dean's leadership, construction began to erect a second level onto the
church's edifice. The project began May 1963 and was dedicated June 20, 1965. Rev. Dean is the longest tenured pastor in the history
of CUBC, having led with vision, faith and commitment for 46 years. The community and the culture changed drastically from 1944
-1989 yet his visionary leadership and labor of love enabled the congregation to stay relevant.

In October 1993, CUBC called their fifth and current Pastor, the Rev. James M. Lee, Sr. Rev. Lee has placed a high priority on the word
of God and sound doctrine. This priority is emphasized with expository teaching and bible studies in systematic theology. His ultimate
focus for CUBC is to make disciples that impact the culture.

In 1996, the church completed an accessibility project that has enabled full entry and exit by those physically challenged. The most
recent construction occurred in 2008, when the church completed a renovation and revitalization project. As a result, the church is
functional for ministry in the new millennium. Rev. Lee is humbled to follow such great men that have led CUBC and "planted and
watered" in the ministry. Central Union is a church dedicated to Christ and His mission.